Am I able to receive notifications when my alarm is armed or disarmed?

Yes, these are called Opening/Closing reports. While typically used in business/commercial settings, for an additional charge, you can receive reports on a weekly or monthly basis, which will tell you when your alarm was armed/disarmed.


Am I able to use motion detectors if I have pets?

Recent advances in technology have ledto the development of “Pet-friendly” motion detectors. These motion detectors have the ability to identify and ignore pets based on size and/or weight.


If my alarm system isn’t turned on, will operators still receive signals from my home or business?

If your system is not armed, the only signals that would be transmitted and received by our operators would be 24 hour protection devices, such as smoke, fire, heat, flooding or panic alarms.


My Keypad is not in the “ready” mode?

Typically, this would indicate that you may have a door or window that is either open or not completely closed. Other causes could be that your motion detector senses movement, or your console memory may still have a previous event that hasn’t been cleared.


I need to make a change in my “contact list”, how do I do this?

Having the correct information for your system on file is crucial in our ability to provide you with the best service possible. You may call us at 504-522-7233 to make this change, or you can create a user account on our website and manage the information yourself, at


Should I test my system regularly?

Depending on your system, your control panel may be programmed to send an automatic test signal on a regular basis. It is important to determine if in fact an automatic test signal is being sent, or if you need to manually send us a monthly test signal. If you think that your system may not be working properly, please call our office at 504-522-7233. It is the responsibility of the system owner to ensure that their system is working properly.



You can call The Security Center Central Station at 504-522-7233 and ask to put your system on test. You may then send a signal and we can check to make sure it was received. You should test your system monthly to verify proper operation. Our operators are available 24 hours a day.


Who should I call in an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, dial 911 from any telephone first. If you unable to dial 911, press the panic on your keypad and our operators will dispatch the local authorities.


If my power goes out, will my alarm still work?

Your alarm is equipped with a back-up battery which will power your system for several hours in the event of a power failure.


Can I get my bill electronically?

Yes, we can email your bill to you if you would like. Please call our office with a valid email address and we can get you set up.


Do I have to register my alarm system?

Yes, In an effort to reduce false alarms, several cities and Parishes around Louisiana are requiring security system owners to register their systems with the police department. Call us at 504-522-7233 to see if your system is required to be registered.


Still have questions?

Contact the security experts at The Security Center with any questions or concerns.