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Ways to Safeguard Your Home Against Burglary

Home Advisor has 28 great tips for protecting your home against burglary and other crimes. You can safeguard your home against burglary by paying special attention to the inside and outside of your home. Also, you can take special precautions while you're away on vacation or extended trips.

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New Orleans UCR Crime Statistics: 3rd Q 2016

Reportable crimes are maintained by New Orleans and reported as the UCR.

3rd Quarter 2016 Compared with 3rd Quarter 2015: Citywide Totals

AAA Fire and Wind Resistive

Our operators and dispatchers are located 75 feet above ground in a secure facility that has been rated AAA fire and wind resistive by the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana.

10 Surprising Home Burglary Stats and Facts

Safe Wise shares 10 Surprising Home Burglary Stats and Facts which you can use in taking preventative steps against burglary in your own home. By knowing statistics and facts surrounding home burglaries, such as the most common time of day that break ins occur, you can better guard your home, possessions, and family.


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