The Security Center Vault is the ultimate in security and privacy.

Our vault is privately owned and operated. This guarantees the highest level of anonymity for you and your valuables. The Security Center was built as a Federal Reserve Bank and the vault was originally constructed in the early 20th century to house the U.S. Government’s gold. The walls of the vault are 3 feet of solid concrete, reinforced with hardened steel.

The only entrance to the vault is through a 38-ton, multiple combination and keyed steel door. When you secure your valuables at The Security Center, your safety deposit box is only accessible under dual key, requiring your private key and our guard's key.


Safety Deposit Boxes

The private and secure vault houses dual-keyed safe deposit boxes and lockers, varying in size from as small as 2”x5”x24” to as large as 4.5'x5'x8'.

Store jewelry or larger valuables such as silverware, objects of art, coin collections. We specialize in storage of gold and silver bullion and coins. Our vault is climate controlled for protection and preservation of your valuables. The vault is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


Protect your assets without going all the way to Switzerland!

  • Numbered accounts at The Security Center provide a more confidential service
  • By law, no Social Security Number is required.
  • The Security Center is a private security vault not subject to State or Federal banking authorities.
  • Your account designation can be any combination of letters or numbers five or more characters long. A special signature or identification check is established on the vault signature card.
  • Your anonymity is totally assured.

Secure your valuables in the most secure building in New Orleans

Your valuables couldn’t be any more SECURE. So if safety, security and privacy are your priorities then call or visit us today.