Your Neighbor Looking Out For You.

Whether you’re at home or away, you can rest easy knowing The Security Center is protecting you. Our UL certified professionals are keeping a constant, watchful eye on your home and business to monitor for break-ins, fire, carbon monoxide and flooding.

We are the only Central Station alarm monitoring company with operators in New Orleans…..We know how to pronounce Tchoupitoulas! Ask your alarm company where their dispatch operators are located. We're local, and chances are, they're not.


If your monitoring station is not secure, you are not secure.

  • Do they have underground phone lines? Our phone lines are buried underground, and they won’t be cut
  • Are they in an absolutely secure building? The Security Center was originally built as a U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, a fortress like facility with concrete walls line with steel that are 3ft thick. Our operators are secure, so we can take care of you
  • Are they 75 feet above ground level? Located on the corner of Carondelet and Common in the New Orleans Central Business District, our operators sit 75ft above the street
  • Do they have back-up generators powered by natural gas and propane? Our building is secured with two back-up generators, one natrual gas, and one propane
  • Are they certified by Underwriters Laboratory? We are, and yours should be also
  • Can you call your monitoring station to test the line to see if the system is reporting properly? We encourage clients to call us as often as they would like to and test their system.
  • Have they been in business for over 35 years? Unlike most Security Companies around New Orleans, we have been in business for over 35years. We have been here for you through the good time and the not so good times, and we will be here tomorrow also
  • Does their building have the highest fire, and wind ratings available? We do, rated AAA by the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana

We are different from other companies

UL Certified Central Station • Highest fire and wind resistance rating • State-of-the-art phone system • Underground telephone lines • Complete system redundancy • Located 75 feet above street level  • Burglar and fire alarm monitoring service • Keyless entry with managed access control • Video event monitoring • Medical Alert / Personal Emergency Response Services


Our central monitoring station is secured within a fortress facility.


How does Alarm Monitoring Work?

Even the most professionally installed alarm system won't protect your home from invasion, fire, heat/smoke detection or medical emergencies unless your system is monitored by professionals in a secure environment. If triggered, your system electronically sends a selection of beeps, tones, and frequencies to our central station that monitors your unique application and the required response is activated. The bottom line is: for your system to work to protect you, your family, your valuables, even your business, your ultimate safety resides with the central monitoring station. And, the selection of a monitoring station rests solely with you.


Landline, Cellular, or Broadband?

Home security monitoring is the way your home security system and your security provider’s central monitoring station communicate with one another. The three (3) most commonly utilized methods of communication are Landline, Cellular and Broadband; each having their respective pro’s and con’s. Curious to learn more?


Let us keep your family safe